25th September 2019


1 Millennium Square


10am - 3pm


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SeminarTitle: How to develop your secret sales forceSpeaker: Steve CatchickTime: 10.00am - 10.30amRoom: 1CLICK HERE NOW TO BOOK FREE TICKETS TO THIS EVENT    




How to develop your Secret Sales-force


How do you stop the churn rate of existing customers and retain customers? This is a question and issue that often frustrates sales directors, MD’s and business owners.


It is far easier and less expensive to sell to existing customer than find new ones, yet with competition fighting for your customers, and little differentiation in the technology today, you must find a way to retain them and find new customers.


This is where the customer experience comes in as the way you can really stand out.


In this speech Steve will discuss the 3 groups of people in your company, the ambassadors, the neutrals and the saboteurs, and he will discuss how to transform your people from saboteurs into ambassadors


You will discover


   -3 principles to turn people into Ambassadors


   -How developing your soft skills pays dividends


   -How everyone in all departments, from the CEO down, have a part to play


   -How you and your teams can improve the customer experience leading to retaining existing customers and assisting the sales team in finding new ones


   -How to have a motivated and engaged team


Ambassadors are leaders who take ownership, are in service and customer focused, and are in sales without selling. They are advocates for the company and have well developed soft skills. With a company of ambassadors you have a secret sales-force!


About Steve Catchick


Steve lives just outside Reading in Berkshire and served in the Armed forces, REME, as an engineer. He has since spent over 25 years in various customer facing roles, learning from the ground up, as an engineer, customer support team leader, account manager at IBM, before switching to learning and development.


He has mentored business owners and worked with large organisations, executives and teams. Steve understands the impact building trust, good communications and excellent service has on customers and hence the bottom line.


Steve is a member of the Professional Speaking Association, (past regional president for the Thames Valley Region in Reading) and is also a Distinguished Toastmaster with Toastmasters International and a certified NLP Trainer and hypnotherapist.


His speciality is in high impact communications and public speaking and the Secret Sales-force, empowering teams to deliver exceptional customer experience and increase sales without selling.


Steve’s believes soft skills are essential in professional, personal and business success.


Socially he is a keen dancer, and frequently sees Rock’n’Roll or Swing bands. In 2004 he took a gap year to travel in S E Asia and New Zealand. His mantra is “Gap years are far too good for kids!”







SeminarTitle: Mediation in the workplaceSpeaker: Sarah Crayford BrownTime: 10.45am - 11.30amRoom: 1CLICK HERE NOW TO BOOK FREE TICKETS TO THIS EVENT    


Mediation in the workplace


Seminar hosted by Sarah Crayford Brown


What to expect?


   -A live demonstration of a workplace mediation using professional actors.

   -It would start with an outburst between the characters around a typical workplace area of conflict.

   -Sarah Crayford Brown would demonstrate how workplace mediation might be used to resolve the dispute.

   -Q & A session



Why people may be interested to attend?


The CBI estimates that workplace conflict costs UK business £33 billion per year, taking up 20% of leadership time and potentially losing up to 370 million working days. Many organisations still adopt a rigid and resource intensive formal approach when conflict arises, although this is seldom effective at resolving the dispute.


There is increasing recognition that organisations want an alternative and more informal approach to workplace conflict, such as mediation, but there is a lack of understanding about how this might be used in practice.


The session will provide the delegates with a unique opportunity to observe a ‘real’ mediation by using actors as the parties in conflict and mediated by an experienced and practicing workplace mediator.


To whom might the session appeal?


The session should appeal to anyone who has a responsibility for managing a business or an HR role. In particular:


   -HR professionals/HR Business Partners/ HR Managers/HR Directors

   -Small business owners with responsibility for managing staff

   -Leaders and managers and also of general interest to other delegates



About Sarah Crayford-Brown


Sarah qualified as a barrister in 1988 and is an accredited mediator and a coach with over 20 years of experience of working within the public sector. Sarah was a senior manager for 17 years and was responsible for implementing substantial organisational change within the Crown Prosecution Service.


Sarah was the winner in the ‘Independent Mediator of the Year’ category of the National Mediation Awards 2014 and has contributed a chapter examining the use of mediation in The Handbook of Dealing with Workplace Bullying (2015). Sarah has been awarded ‘Mediation Champion of the Year’ in the National Mediation Awards 2015





SeminarTitle: Sustainable Business Isn't Just Good For Your Bottom LineSpeaker: Kate StrongTime: 12.15pm - 12.45pmRoom: 2CLICK HERE NOW TO BOOK FREE TICKETS TO THIS EVENT  



Sustainable Business isn’t Just Good for your Bottom Line


The line separating the world of making money and the world doing good is blurring. Consumers are now holding businesses to account to not only deliver high quality products & services, but also get involved in causes they care about.


Companies can and need to lead the way in creating a triple bottom line business: For profit, for the planet and for people.


Kate Strong unpacks this emotive topic to assure that there is a way for a win:win scenario that not only assures increased profits, but a cleaner, safer and more loving world to live in.



About Kate Strong:


A multilingual Sustainable Business Strategist, passionate about helping entrepreneurs to create profitable triple bottom line companies (for profit, for people and for the planet).


Kate Strong is on a mission to unite the world of doing good and the world of making money one business at a time. And shares why today is the day to focus on sustainable business creation


Podcast host, 2 times TEDx speaker, World Champion triathlete, Aerospace Engineer, philanthropist, investor & trainee Reiki Master, Kate is a leader in creating an elite mindset and striving for success in all areas of life.







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